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Certified Kinesio® Taping Instructors

Thuy Bridges AUS (Physiotherapist, Trigenist)
Instructor since 2005. Re-accredited 2008, 2011.
Brian de Vetter NZ (Physiotherapist)
Instructor since 2010. Re-accredited 2011.
Linley Leuthard NZ (Physiotherapist, Trigenist)
Instructor since 2011.

Certified Kinesio® Taping Practitioners

Liz Thompson Physiotherapist

Course Participants

Sarah Abbott (Physiotherapist)
Karrin Aitken-Meehan (Physiotherapist)
Sonya Anderson (Physiotherapist)
Kate Apperley (Podiatrist)
Philip Arthur (Physiotherapist)
Nicholas Bach (Physiotherapist)
Jo Baird (Physiotherapist)
Jo Batchelor (Physiotherapist)
Max Belcher (Osteopath)
Debra Betsworth (Physiotherapist)
Julee Binns (Physiotherapist)
Suzanne Black (Physiotherapist)
Margie Blacklow (Chiropractor)
Vaughn Bolack (Chiropractor)
Craig Braggins (Physiotherapist)
Sarah Braithwaite (Physiotherapist)
Carey Bramley (Physiotherapist)
Conor Brennan (Physiotherapist)
Melissa Broom (Physiotherapist)
Dawn Burke (Massage Therapist)
Ginny Bush (Physiotherapist)
Virginia Bush (Physiotherapist)
Rachael Cahill (Physiotherapist)
Mary Caldwell (Physiotherapist)
Elizabeth Candler (Physiotherapist)
Choon-wi Cheang (Physiotherapist)
Tamsin Chittock (Physiotherapist)
Hana Cibulkova (Allied Health Assistant)
Sarah Clark (Physiotherapist)
Vicky Clarke-joyce (Physiotherapist)
Lee Davies (Physiotherapist)
Susie DeBono (Physiotherapist)
Sarah Donnelly (Physiotherapist)
Gillian Dunn (Physiotherapist)
Melissa Edwards (Physiotherapist)
Jenny Ferguson (Physiotherapist)
Julian Firth (Physiotherapist)
Joanne Fisk (Physiotherapist)
Claire Fletcher (Physiotherapist)
Carolyn Fox (Physiotherapist)
Ana cristina Gehring (Physiotherapist)
Sam Greenfield (Physiotherapist)
Menno Grondsma (Physiotherapist)
Colin Hancock (Physiotherapist)
Nicola Handley (Physiotherapist)
Sophie Hargreaves (Physiotherapist)
Emma Hewat (Physiotherapist)
Ryan Hoetmer (Chiropractor)
Richard Holland (Acupuncturist)
Mark Hollis (Physiotherapist)
Teresa Hoult (Physiotherapist)
Kristie Hughes (Physiotherapist)
Eveline Jasper (Physiotherapist)
Brett Jenkins (Physiotherapist)
Eileen Jones (Physiotherapist)
Sharon Kearney (Physiotherapist)
Philippa King (Physiotherapist)
Jaye Kircher (Physiotherapist)
Karl Koch (Physiotherapist)
Kirstie Langrish (Physiotherapist)
Anna Laugesen (Physiotherapist)
Sara Lister (Physiotherapist)
Dorothy Litchwark (Physiotherapist)
Hazel Lund (Physiotherapist)
Hans Lutters (Massage Therapist)
Catherine Lyness (Physiotherapist)
Tania Mackay (Physiotherapist)
Melinda Mackenzie (Physiotherapist)
Angela Mackie (Physiotherapist)
Colin MacPherson (Physiotherapist)
Kristy Marsden (Physiotherapist)
Christina McCormack (Physiotherapist)
Gabrielle McCullough (Physiotherapist)
Roy Mcdonald (Physiotherapist)
Sharon Mckinnel (Physiotherapist)
Laura Meagher (Physiotherapist)
Marion Meates (Physiotherapist)
Sarah Meikle (Physiotherapist)
Seamus Meikle (Chiropractor)
Sue Mirkin (Physiotherapist)
James Montgomery (Physiotherapist)
Laurie Moore (Physiotherapist)
Steve Muir (Physiotherapist)
Steven Muir (Physiotherapist)
Mary Murdoch (Physiotherapist)
Sharada Murty (Physiotherapist)
Emma O'dwyer (Physiotherapist)
Sally O'Grady (Physiotherapist)
Joshua Ong (Physiotherapist)
Anne Marie Owens (Physiotherapist)
Alison Palmer
Anne Paringatai (Physiotherapist)
Lisa Patterson (Massage Therapist)
Sharon Peck (Physiotherapist)
Jane Plaisted (Physiotherapist)
Gillian Radcliffe (Physiotherapist)
Rebecca Rae (Physiotherapist)
Cathy Rewiri (Physiotherapist)
Carli Richter (Physiotherapist)
Marion Savage (Physiotherapist)
Marina Scoon (Massage Therapist)
Chris Scott (Physiotherapist)
Pennyghael Scott (Physiotherapist)
Sara Scott (Physiotherapist)
Corry Scrivener (Physiotherapist)
Sandy Sharratt (Physiotherapist)
Cath Silvester (Physiotherapist)
Catherine Silvester (Physiotherapist)
Cameron Simpson (Physiotherapist)
Hayley Smith (Physiotherapist)
Janet Smith (Physiotherapist)
Maria Sorensen (Physiotherapist)
Nicola Stuart (Physiotherapist)
Scott Suen (Physiotherapist)
Tanya Taylor (Massage Therapist)
Geoff Thompson (Physiotherapist)
Liz Thompson (Physiotherapist)
Leonie van den Bergh (Physiotherapist)
Sonya Veale (Physiotherapist)
Victoria Walden (Massage Therapist)
Craig Walker (Physiotherapist)
Kate Wallis (Physiotherapist)
Mark Warren (Chiropractor)
Linda Watson (Physiotherapist)
Jarrod Watt (Physiotherapist)
Dirk Weishaupt (Acupuncturist)
Shaun Westhead (Physiotherapist)
Lynne Weston (Physiotherapist)
Nathan Wharerimu (Physiotherapist)
Joanna Williams (Physiotherapist)
Kimberley Williams (Physiotherapist)
Kimberly Williams (Physiotherapist)
Lynn Wilson (Massage Therapist)
Greg Woolman (Podiatrist)

Jennie Shearer (Physiotherapist)
Kate Bonner (Physiotherapist)
Miki Humphrey (Chiropractor)
Paul Thorne (Physiotherapist)
Kevin Hopkins (Physiotherapist)
Katrina Lukaszewucz (Osteopath)
Samantha Wright (Osteopath)
Rosanne Haines (Physiotherapist)
Lynnette Stewart (Physiotherapist)
Elizabeth Staite (Physiotherapist)
Michaela Crutchley (Physiotherapist)
Kevin Hopkins (Physiotherapist)
Jeanette Gerrie (Physiotherapist)
Paola Hinojosa (Massage Therapist)
Samantha, Hylton (Physiotherapist)
Dawn, Burke (Massage Therapist)
Susan, Pascall (Physiotherapist)
Maree, Stewart (Physiotherapist)
Vaughan, Hedley (Osteopath)
Jane, Bradshaw (Physiotherapist)
Lynley, Lemow (Physiotherapist)
Marie, Ryan (Physiotherapist)
Alison, Reid (Physiotherapist)
Susan, Barbour (Physiotherapist)
Joanne Hetherington (Physiotherapist)
Julee Binns (Physiotherapist)
Katrina Lukaszewicz (Osteopath)
Kevin Hopkins (Physiotherapist)
Susan Barbour (Physiotherapist)

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