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Kinesio® Practitioners

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Certified Kinesio® Taping Instructors

Thuy Bridges AUS (Physiotherapist, Trigenist)
Instructor since 2005. Re-accredited 2008, 2011.
Brian de Vetter NZ (Physiotherapist)
Instructor since 2010. Re-accredited 2011.
Linley Leuthard NZ (Physiotherapist, Trigenist)
Instructor since 2011.

Certified Kinesio® Taping Practitioners

Dwayne Manary (Chiropractor)

Course Participants

Ian Alberts (Physiotherapist)
Lydia Bartram (Physiotherapist)
Elizabeth Baumann (Physiotherapist)
Dalibor Bendzala
Lucy Beumer (Physiotherapist)
Kasey Bonato (Physio Student)
Elliot Campbell (Physiotherapist)
Julie Campbell (Physiotherapist)
Cono Canu (Massage Therapist)
Melissa Carmichael (Physiotherapist)
Jack Cawdell-Smith (Massage Therapist)
Horace Chan (Physiotherapist)
Helen Cooper (Physiotherapist)
Michael Coppo (Physio Student)
Marina Crichton (Physiotherapist)
Shanon Cuskelly (Physiotherapist)
Brendan Dolan (Physiotherapist)
Eloise Donohue (Physiotherapist)
Troy Eady
Jim Eustace (Physiotherapist)
Shelley Evans (Physiotherapist)
Teresa Fan (Physiotherapist)
Sam Fong (Sports Trainer Student)
Patrick Gilmartin (Physiotherapist)
Kellie Griffiths (Physiotherapist)
Sarah Grimstone (Physiotherapist)
Mark Hanegraaf (Physiotherapist)
Lulu Harmse (Physiotherapist)
Beatrice Harris (Physiotherapist)
Matt Harris
Manique Herath (Physiotherapist)
Penelope Hope (Physiotherapist)
Stephanie Kerr (Physiotherapist)
Beth King (Physiotherapist)
Stacy Huijuan Koh (Physiotherapist)
Caroline Kohl (Physiotherapist)
Margaret Kranz (Physiotherapist)
Denise Krklec (Physiotherapist)
Sally Lancaster (Physiotherapist)
Catherine Lansky (Physiotherapist)
Jessica Larkin (Physiotherapist)
Clarence Lau (Physiotherapist)
Lincoln Leeder (Physiotherapist)
Justin Lin (Physiotherapist)
Rachel Lynn (Physiotherapist)
Sul Lyu (Physiotherapist)
Alex Mackay (Physio Student)
Sam Madden (Physiotherapist)
Melissa Maff (Physiotherapist)
Gabrielle Moorrees (Physiotherapist)
Deirdre Nic Aodhain (Physiotherapist)
Kaleigh Nixon (Physiotherapist)
Paul Parker (Physiotherapist)
Christopher Purcell (Physiotherapist)
Luis Resa (Physiotherapist)
Ratna Suprapti Santosa (Physiotherapist)
Stephen Schlothauer (Physiotherapist)
Lyndsey Scholes (Physiotherapist)
Caitlin Scott (Physio Student)
Keira Sharman (Registered Nurse)
Patrick Shwaluk (Chiropractor)
Guriqbal Singh (Physiotherapist)
Cathy Smith (Physiotherapist)
Julie Smith (Physiotherapist)
Matthew Stewart (Chiropractor)
Chris Stranger (Sports Trainer Student)
Margot Stuart (Physiotherapist)
Marguerite Taylor (Chiropractor)
Bart Thurlow (Physiotherapist)
Marissa Trevor (Massage Therapist)
Kelly Tuck (Physiotherapist)
Robert Turner (Massage Therapist)
Jamie Van (Physiotherapist)
David Veal (Physiotherapist)
Nathan Waters (Remedial Massage Therapist)
Kate Watson (Physiotherapist)
Rachel Wells (Physiotherapist)
Michelle Whap (Physiotherapist)
Reuben Wharerau (Physiotherapist)
Cameron Whiting (Coach/Trainer)
Stephanie Wu (Physiotherapist)

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