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Kinesio® Practitioners

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Certified Kinesio® Taping Instructors

Thuy Bridges AUS (Physiotherapist, Trigenist)
Instructor since 2005. Re-accredited 2008, 2011.
Brian de Vetter NZ (Physiotherapist)
Instructor since 2010. Re-accredited 2011.
Linley Leuthard NZ (Physiotherapist, Trigenist)
Instructor since 2011.

Certified Kinesio® Taping Practitioners

Vasilios (Bill) Pantelis Chiropractor

Course Participants

Anthony Agostino
David Ayres (Physiotherapist)
David Badran
Timothy Bass (Physiotherapist)
Damien Bates (Remedial Massage Therapist)
Samantha Bennett (Sports Trainer)
Scott Brown (Physiotherapist)
Nicholas Calabrese (Massage Therapist)
Victoria Callaghan
Joseph Charles (Chiropractor)
Sue Charlton
Heather Chirakis (Remedial Massage Therapist)
Piers Chorley (Chiropractor)
Lee Corey (Physiotherapist)
Vince Del Bono (Head Trainer)
James Doolan (Chiropractor)
Karen Dutton
Lorna Ferguson (Physiotherapist)
Benjamin Freeman (Physiotherapist)
Rustam Gandhi (Physiotherapist)
Kumar Gaurav (Physiotherapist)
Susan George
Mark Goodrick (Acupuncturist)
Hazel Grant (Physiotherapist)
Chris Greenfield (Physiotherapist)
Saloni Gupta (Physiotherapist)
Sara Haigh (Physiotherapist)
Alana Hassell (Physiotherapist)
Kelly Homann (Physiotherapist)
Mark Howard (Bowen Therapist)
Scott Humphries
Sailendra Kundrapu (Physiotherapist)
Nicholas Lagos (Physiotherapist)
Carrie Lehman (Chiropractor)
Andrew Leipus (Physiotherapist)
Chelsea Ling (Physiotherapist)
Tane Luckens
Erin Ly (Physiotherapist)
Kirsty MacCulloch
Rebecca Marshall
Stephen McAvaney (Sports Trainer)
Ian McDonald
Sally McNaughton (Physiotherapist)
Geoff Mitchell (Retired)
Gerrard Murray (Chiropractor)
Rahul Nanda (Physiotherapist)
Subash P. Narayanan (Physiotherapist)
Inken Neugebohrn
Tim O'Leary (Physiotherapist)
Chloe Parker
James Prime (Massage Therapist)
Amanda Ramsey
Garry Richardson
Marinda Rothmann (Physiotherapist)
Lauren Scott
Jamie Sibbick (Physiotherapist)
Navdeep Singh (Physiotherapist)
Swati Sinha (Physiotherapist)
Vanessa Soo (Physiotherapist)
Elyse Steed
Simon Strawhorn (Chiropractor)
Clee Tonkin (Physiotherapist)
Scott Walter (Physiotherapist)
Mina Ward (Physiotherapist)
Bronte Warner (Physiotherapist)
David Watkins (Sports Trainer)
Ellen Wild (Osteopath)
Leah Williams
Susan Yang (Physiotherapist)
Melissa Yeates

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